Last date of NRC Update Application Extended

top21The last date for NRC ( National Register of Citizens ) update application has been extended to 31 August 2015 from 31 July 2015. The extension is due to very slow pace of application in Assam. As per NRC website, out of total households in Assam, 6,406,004, 27.39% ( 1,754,392) have so far applied for updation so far.

There is option to apply NRC data updation online using the URL (Online NRC Update) which had lot of problems initially, but now working fine. As per NRC website, it has received many NRC data from website too.

Apart from website, NRC State Co-ordination Committee in Assam has setup many NSK ( NRC Seva Kendra) where citizens can collect their legacy data ( citizenship proof as per electoral data in 1971 or prior to it) as well as apply for NRC update with family linkage.

NRC Updation in Assam has not taken place since 1971 due to large scale allegation of illegal Bangladeshi immigration, which led to 6 year Assam Agitation from 1979 to 1985 and resulted in formation of Asom gana parishad government in Assam.

Some of website to search legacy data for NRC update are :
1. NRC Update Assam
2. Online NRC Update for online submission of NRC Update Application.
3. Official NRC website : Official NRC Website

NRC Updation is important step towards solving illegal Bangladeshi issue which has been plaguing Assam for last 40 years. Hope everybody in Assam will participate and update their NRC data and solve the vexed illegal Bangladeshi issue once for all.

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