Jamia Millia lslamia will start North East Studies As Post Graduation Course

Minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DONER) Jitendra Singh announced on Wednesday announced that post-graduation course in North-East studies will be started at prestigious Jamia Millia lslamia in New Delhi.

“There is often talk of bringing Northeast closer to mainstream India but I personally always subscribe to the idea of simultaneously bringing mainstream India closer to Northeast. The new initiative, therefore, would be a promising step in that direction,” he said.
The Minister made the announcement after a visit to the Centre for Northeast Studies in the University after his meeting with Vice Chancellor, Talat Ahmed, Head of Northeast Studies, Sanjoy Hazarika and other faculty members to give a final shape to the decision.
“For India this is a totally new and unique initiative of its kind because this will be for the first time that any Indian University will introduce a formal recognised Post Graduation Degree Course in region based studies,” he said. The Minister was earlier informed a formal Master’s course in Northeast studies will begin from next academic session, one optional paper on Northeast has already been introduced in post graduation exam from the current academic year.

“The concept of region based research and study within a university was, by and large, hitherto unknown in the Indian academia and mostly existed in some European universities and therefore, with the introduction of this course, not only the Jamia Millia Islamia University will acquire a distinct identity of its own but the Northeastern part of India will also earn a unique academic distinction,” he said.

Source: Arunachal Times

This is an welcome step by DONER ministry as it will help people from other states in India learn more about North Eastern Part of India. It is often discussed and lamented by many the people from other states do not know anything about North East India and which often result in calling people from North East India, Nepali, Chinese etc.

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