Flood in Assam

Flood in Assam is an yearly affair and it is getting worsened affecting new areas/cities year after year. Government, both centre and state, have been spending money, doing helicopter survey every year apart from spending crores of money since 1980s. But problem of flood in Assam has neither been contained nor been resolved.

After few days of incessant rains in Arunachal Pradesh and other hilly states surrounding Assam, water level in Brahmaputra and its tributaries have started rising and flooding many places in Assam, right from Sadiya to Dhubri, affecting more that 20 lacs people and resulting in few deaths.

Flood also regularly breaches some important roads like NH-52 ( Now renamed NH-15) cutting off some districts in Arunachal Pradesh as well as Dhemaji district of Assam. Apart from this, many lower Assam districts like Goalpara, Dhubri etc gets flooded destroying crops and well as sending citizens to relief camps.

This year too, Flood in Assam is making news again. It is the second time of the year that flood has hit Assam again, after recent much publicised Himanta Bisw Sarma;s defection to BJP from Congress. And Assam CM tarun Gogoi, who did an aerial survey and demanded Rs. 500 crore from central government during the last flood, butt his time he has to be in New Delhi due to political turmoil.

Many people have started protesting against government for failure to prevent flood as well as deficiency in providing flood relief to affected people. Dibrugarh City has also been waterlogged for last four days with defence forces launching rescue operation. Jona subdivision of Dhemaji district in Assam has been cut-off from rest oft eh country due to breach in a bridge on NH15 near Dhemaji town. Also ferry services has been stopped due to rising water in Mighty Brahmaputra.

Its a crisis like situation and social media is abuzz with many messages, photographs of flood pictures from Assam. Social Media users are also angry at new Delhi based mainstream media/ News channels for failure to publish flood news from Assam.

Hope both state and central government would take up some concrete steps to prevent flood or providing quick relief to affected people in Assam.

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