Dree Festival of Apatanis of Arunachal Pradesh

Dree is one of the most important and popular agricultural festival of Apatani community of Arunachal Pradesh. It is celebrated in the month of July since time immemorial in their respective villages. But since 1967 Dree festival is centrally celebrated at common platform at Ziro from 4th to 6th July of every year.


As per Mythological belief, earth was infected with sequence of famine (destruction of crops and diseases of soil) due to evil forces called Dree Pahe thereby prevailing miserable condition to mankind. Then Huni-Huna (learned and wise men), Giitu-Giira (general public) and Kharii-Khatii (high priest) made decision to protect the mankind from starvation and death thereby resolved to invoke certain deities (malevolent and benevolent gods and goddesses) such as Chandii, Tamu, Danyi, Metii, meping and Meder. Thus Kharii Nyibu (Head/High Priest) was entrusted to perform DreePahe ritual with certain taboos and observation by general public for three days and nights mankind regain bumper crop harvest and Prosperity begins on earth.

Hence, Dree festival is perform by Apatani till today on 5th july of every year.
“Chandii” rituals for soil fertility.
“Tamu” rituals make strong and healthy roots.
“Metii” rituals to destroy harmful pests and insects.
“Meping” rituals to refined and to treat the deformity in plants.
“Meder” rituals for cleansing and purification of plants and places.
And “Danyi” ritual is perform for common and overall blessing for mankind and terrestrial wellbeing.
Thanks all my fb friends for taking keen interest in knowing the background of famous Dree festival of Apatani community of Arunachal Pradesh.



Wishh you all a very happy Dree 2015.

By : Kuru Thai, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

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