Anup Chetia return to India

Anup Chetia, also known as Gulap Barua or Gaon burah, has been handed over to CBI by Bangladesh authorities as per reports. Anup Chetia was arrested by the Dhaka authorities in 1997 and has already completed his sentence there. He is likely to be brought to Delhi today afternoon.

Anup Chetia, one of the founding members of ULFA has been its general secretary, is wanted in India for murder, abductions and extortion.

He had sought political asylum in Bangladesh thrice in 2005, 2008 and in 2011 after Bangladesh police arrested him in December 1997 and was subsequently handed seven years of jail terms by two courts for cross-border intrusion, carrying fake passports and illegally keeping foreign currencies.

His bringing back to India was reportedly one of demands by pro-talk ULFA groups headed by Arabinda Rajkhowa. With his return, most probably, ULFA-GOI talks would get some push.

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