Rice Bucket Challenge in North East India

Inspired by the global charity chain to spread awareness about the disease ALS, Hyderabad-based Manju Latha Kalanidhi has come up with an ingenious way to help those in need with the Rice Bucket Challenge.

Jorhat (Assam) based Jitender Bhandari and Rohit Dugar started the challenge in their town on 27/08/2014, and very first to take this challenge and spread in North-East India. Rice Bucket Challenge

No matter how much taxes we pay it does help the poor there are many still struggling to earn only to satisfy their hunger so, if each one of us can feed few it may bring some change. So let’s all do it in a manner comfortable to our living. And those who can afford do not shy away from doing it multiple times.

This Indian twist has created quite a stir online and participants are already posting their pictures to spread this new message. This new idea and new challenge will serve to increase the social good that comes from the rice bucket challenge and could end up touching millions of lives & helping the needy.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, all one needs to do is to cook or buy a bucket of rice and feed someone who needs it & click pics and send all details to their email – bolteraho.com@gmail.com and they will post it on their website www.BolteRaho.com

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