Delhi Khap Panchayat Orders Landlord to evict tenants from North East India

A Khap Panchayat called by Bhagwant Singh(President), Bhartu Rathi(Secretary), and Dhiraj Tokas (husband of Counsellor) from Munirka has ordered the landlords in Munirka area to evict all the tenants from North East within 3 months, as per tweets by Bina Nepram ( twitter ID @BinaNepram), noted activist from Manipur.

Also, there is Facebook update status message by here , sent to us by Twitte handle @Jorebungley.

This Facebook update reads,

The matter was first reported last night by What’s Up Darj ? and was subsequently reported by TheDC [Details here:].

TheDC has also come to know that those who called for Khap Panchayat are relatives of Ashish Tokas alias Vicky who has been arrested on the charges of raping a 14 year old child from Manipuri. Following the threat, concerned people from North East are currently gathering at the Vashant Vihar Police Station.

TheDC team and people of Darjeeling strongly condemn this RACIST act and request the Central and Delhi governments to take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

After tragic killing of Nido Tania, supposedly in a racial attack on 29 Jan 2014, students and activists from North East India have been protesting against racial discrimination in Delhi.

This incident has not been picked up by mainstream media yet.

As per recent update, Bina Nepram and other people are visiting Vasant Vihar police station on this Khap Panchayat ruling.


Tenants from North East India met Delhi Police officials at Vasant Vihar Police station today at 5 pm after the news of eviction broke out. Khap Panchayat members of Munirka also attended the meeting.
The issue was resolved during the meeting and steps were taken up for the safety of the people from North East India residing in Munirka area.

1) Khap Panchayats/RWA’s to issue circular not discriminate people from North East India.

2) Increased Police patrolling.

3) Regular meetings to be convened between members from Northeast community in Munirka as well as Panchayats and RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations).

Delhi Police officials ensured that legal action will be taken if forcible evictions takes place. Police, however, claimed it was not a khap panchayat but a Residents’ Welfare Association meet that had issued the order of evicting tenants from North East India.

Manipuri activist Binalakshmi Nepram tweeted couple of hours back that Coordination Committees have been formed by people from North East to keep a tight vigil and to ensure peace.

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