Telangana and separate state demands in North East India

With announcement of formation of new state Telangana, carving out from Andhra Pradesh, the clamour for demanding separate states may sprout in many parts of North East India, specially in Assam. As per reports, ABSU ( All Bodo Student Union) have already declared their intention to intensify their agitation for separate Bodoland by dividing Assam.

Apart from Bodoland, there are many other separate state demands from other tribes in Assam too. Even Garos in Meghalaya have demand for separate state.

All Koch Rajbongshi Students’ Union has also demanded creation of separate state of Kamatapur. The All Koch Rajbongshi Students’ Union president Biswajit Roy said that the UPA government at the Centre is adopting a discriminatory attitude only for political gains of the ruling party. He said that they welcomed the process to create Telangana but at the same time, “we are opposed to discriminatory attitude by the Government.”

Roy asserted that the Government must create a separate state of Kamatapur comprising 15 districts of Assam and six of West Bengal in the lines of Telangana. He pointed out that the Centre adopted a totally discriminatory attitude by starting the process of creating Telangana even without forming a state reorganization commission.

There are also demand for Taniland among Tani tribes in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Nagas have also been demanding re-organising their state boundary claiming large parts of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

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