Minorities in Assam impose blockade supply roads to Garo Hills of Meghalaya

There has been relative calm in Garo Hills after the incident where some labourers from Assam belonging to minority community ( read Muslim) were killed. The situation were brought under control when administration took steps to pacify grieving communities.

But this fragile peace is likely to be broken now. As per reports, A meeting was held last night in Mankachar town on the Assam-Meghalaya border to decide the future course of action by minority community in Assam. In the meeting, it was alleged that the administration was not doing its best to work out a solution for the people affected by the crisis.

The meeting set out a five point agenda that they want fulfilled before they allow movement of goods to and from Garo Hills. The supply routes are controlled by the minority community in both Mankachar and Goalpara region. The minority community is of the belief that if the supply routes are cut, the Government of Meghalaya would have to listen to their demands.

Mankachar started the economic blockade a day before the meeting yesterday. The AAMSU and the Labour Union have called for a blockade from Monday. They have demanded a payment of Rs 10 lakh to the victims as well as security for the minority community in the Garo Hills. They have also demanded the culprits of the violence that took the lives of 10 from the community be punished.

Blockade against hill states by people from Assam has recently become a tool for demanding justice from the states. But most probably, it was the first time that minority community has also resported to such step protesting against killing of poor laborer in Meghalaya’s Garo hills.

Source: Assam Tribune

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