14 Minor students molested, raped by warden in Arunachal Pradesh

According to police sources, the fourteen minor students were at their age between 4 to 13 years. One person identified as Vipin Wisvan, a non Arunachali who was serving as school teacher and warden in the said school was arrested in this connection, police informed adding the school principal and other two staff were also detained by the police for interrogation. Police further added that a criminal case has been registered with case no. 19/13/376/354 IPC at Police Station Likabali, near Silapathar, Assam.

Sources at Likabali claimed that the trend of molestation and rape has been going on since last three years at the said school. It said that the accused first lure the victims, molested and raped them and later threatened with dire consequences if they would disclose to their parents.

Sources also claimed that on Monday when the matter was reported to the school principal by the students, the principal allegedly tried to suppress the matter from being leaked by locking the gate. However some students vaulted over the wall and managed to report the incident at Likabali police station.

Stunned and shocked by the rarest of rare incident, the residents, students and members from the civil society hit the street and gheraoed the police station while demanding capital punishment to culprit.
Meanwhile, condemnations of the incident pour in from all quarters of the society. The Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU), Galo Students Union (GSU), All Galo Students Union (AGSU) condemned the incident with its strongest term and appealed to the authority not to grant bail to culprits. Condemning the shameful incident, Likabali Nyilok Elite Society, Likabali Students Union, Likabali Youth Volunteer Association and Mahila Sangatan appealed to the state government to ban the school for running. It also appealed to the authority that stringent punishment should be given to culprits.

Source: Arunachal Times

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