Will China resurrect insurgency in North East India ?

Recent reports in news papers suggest that, anti-talks factions of insurgent groups are forging ties with each other and China is acting as chief interlocutor among them. With recent reverses by China at international levels by India, we had opined that China might step up ‘Insurgency in North East India’ card very soon.

It may be mentioned that, around 1600 cadres of nine insurgent groups have laid down arms recently in Assam. ULFA has also suffered great setback recently due to formal divisions among its top ranks and Paresh Barua Led anti-talk factions constituting new central body.

After Bangladesh Government has started acting against insurgent bases in Bangladesh, North East rebel groups have started shifting their bases to either Myanmar or Myanmar-China borders. It is widely rumoured that, China has been putting pressure on all insurgent groups to work together against Indian government. China has been now supplying arms and ammunition to NE rebels. Though violence has gone down in North East India, Security agencies are worried about China’s engagement with North East Militant groups like Pakistans in Kashmir.

China has always been opposing hosting of Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in Exile by India government and periodically let its displeasure known to Indian government. With forging alliance of all North East insurgents, China must be trying to form a formidable insurgent group to trouble India put pressure on India.

So, recent reports indicate that China is trying to resurrect insurgency in North East India. Only time will tell how India responds to such threat.

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