: Innovative Travel Portal for North East India by IIT Students is an Online Travel Portal, which offers its customers a range of customisations which were till date unavailable on any other portal of its kind. What we strive to do is connect our customers to the hundreds and thousands of offline travel agents who are capable of providing them a tour exactly as per their specifications.

How are we unique?

We hope to explore a new very less understood domain of travel- student travel. Students require trips that do not take a toll on their wallets and are fun, yet convenient. We take all of this into account and directly deal with travel agents to provide students with the best possible prices for trips, and with a huge number of possibilities for customisations.

The North East is a paradise unexplored and we wish that people from all over country visit this region and realize this for themselves.

Currently, we offer trips to destinations only in the North East as being in this part of the country we have realized how much potential this region has of becoming a top tourist attraction for people all over the world.

And why we are specifically targeting youth studying in colleges, is because we feel that they would be ready to explore places that offer them a sense of adventure and allow them to let loose the enthusiastic traveller in each of them.

A lot of our trips are designed specifically for students like one day excursions, getaways and short trips which they could avail of without significantly disrupting their academic life.

We are probably one of the only companies in the North East who have keenly focussed on providing adventure trips. From scuba diving (Yes, one can scuba dive here in the NE), rappelling, rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping and trekking; our itineraries include a comprehensive range of adventure sports.

Each of our founding members has a relentless passion for travelling and adventure and this coupled with the fact that we currently live in a region which has such a lot to offer to satiate any traveller’s needs resulted in the formation of TripEngineers.

TripEngineers also plans to introduce a host of innovations which include an online bidding forum where in customers will mention their requirements for a trip and they will get to choose travel agents who best suit their needs and their budgets.

And we also seek to introduce the concept of ‘Symbiotic Travel’ to the travel industry wherein customers can go for substantially expensive tours at nominal amounts by getting their tours sponsored by companies and firms.

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