People from North East India fleeing from Indian Metros for Home States

There are reports of people from North East India leaving Indian metro cities like Bengaluru ( Bangalore), Hydarabad fearing attack on them. While many people, including Police, claim that the threat of attacking people of North East is just a rumour and appealed not to panic.

But as per Times of India, Hindustan Times and other leading news papers, at least 5000 people have left for Guwahati from Banglaore alone while another 3000 people have reportedly left for Guwahati from Hyederabad.

Few days ago, a protest rally against Riots in Assam turned violent in Mumbai where 2 people died in police firing and more than 55 people were injured.

After that, there were reports from Pune where North East students were attacked and injured. Police arrested few culprits. Then the news came from Mysore where a Tibetan national was attacked due to mistaken identity. Assailants mistook the identity of the Tibetan to be North Eastern person.

After that, Times Of India published a story about where exodus of North East People quoting police commissioner of Cyberabad, that they have received complaint from North East Community about thrat and they are investigating it.

At night yesterday, more than 5000 people turned up at Bangalore Railway to board trains to Guwahati. There are also reports that PM spoke to CM of Karnataka to provide security for people of North Eastern states.

Many opine that people are fleeing due to rumour and there is no truth in threat of attack on people of North East India. There are ‘rumour’ doing around in social media is that, North East people are warned to leave cities by 20th August or face attack.

Either way, people from North East are now leaving Indian metros and rushing back to their home states which is a sad development on the same day on which India celebrated its 66th Independence day.

2 thoughts on “People from North East India fleeing from Indian Metros for Home States

  • August 17, 2012 at 8:37 am

    This is really shameful. I lower my head in shame that our people feel unsafe even in metro cities. As an Indian we have the right to live in any part of our beautiful country. If any Indian is persecuted in any part of the country, then the perpetrators of this crime has to be dealt with severely.

  • October 27, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Wonder who’s inciting such racial prejudice and why.


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