North East Blog Threatened in Twitter

Finally, North East Blog handle in Twitter had to face threatening tweets While we had been majorly tweeting and posting news article related to North East India from established news media, be it print of TV, @northestblog, the twitter handle, used by many people, had to face threatining tweet, because of tweeting on a ‘delicate matter’ of North East People fleeing Indian cities.

North East blog was first slammed by RSS supporter when it re-tweeted a tweet slamming RSS or its affiliated organizations for spreading rumour of threat to North East people. After that, some RSS inspired twitter handle had started slamming us.

While we clarified that, RTs are not our endorsements as clearly mentioned in our profile, we had replies like, no one read profile. We were reminded that we should not tweet ‘certain type’ of tweets!

After that when we tweeted about North East People fleeing from Pune as they have felt threatened after few well documented attack on them, we got another threatening tweet, this time threat of reporting us to IB ( Intelligence Bureau) of India for spreading rumour! Interestingly, In my tweet, which the twitter handle threatened, we tweeted mentioning the source too.

It is sad that we are threatened for tweeting information from other sources. We urge all to threat the main source of news rather than us. We will not stop tweeting news related to North East even if they threat us to report to CIA or Barak Obama.

2 thoughts on “North East Blog Threatened in Twitter

  • August 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    None of the tweets mentioned in your article can be described even as a mild ‘threat’. Even the ‘threat’ of reporting to IB is not even a direct ‘threat’.

  • August 16, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Honestly, your definition of a “threatening” tweet is very different from most of us!


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