NESO takes out massive rally demanding expulsion of illegal immigrants

Yesterday, MESO ( North East Students Organisation) staged a massive rally at Latashil field in Guwahati. It was supported by many organisations and participated by all walks of life.

This protest was organised by AASU ( All Assam Student Union) which spearheaded 6 year agitation for expulsion of illegal immigrants from 1979 to 1985 which resulted in birth of AGP ( Assam Gana Parishad) which captured power after election was held.

NESO secretary general Gumjum Haider, said, “The movement is not against Muslims, Hindus or any other community. It is against the illegal migrants staying in the North-east.”

After Assam Bandh called by AAMSU ( All Assam Minority Students Union) which saw many violent incidents which resulted in death of one person and attack on journalists at various places, anti-illegal sentiments seems to be growing in Assam as well as other parts of North Eastern states.

While many people cite census figures to show that not massive influx has happened, but nobody is talking about shrinking land occupied by indigenous people as well as marshy lands, forest lands and encroachments of Vaishnavite Satras.

This protest rally by all students organisation of North East India is significant i the wake of recent BTAD violence. The participation was almost spontaneous and many compare this as those Assam Agitation days when people came out to streets some 30 years ago for the same cause.

One thought on “NESO takes out massive rally demanding expulsion of illegal immigrants

  • September 9, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    It would be very wise on the part of Indigenous People of Assam if AASU, ABSU, NESO etc. organize a MASSIVE RALLY in Gossaigaon/ Kokrajhar (BTAD) otherwise the common people of Lower Assam or BTAD will feel neglected by the greater Assamese ssociety. Do the civil society of Assam want that the indigenous people of Lower Assam especially the BTAD be swallowed by the Illegal Influx etc… Please act in favour of the common people…pass on the idea.


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