Maoists Armed group in Assam and Mising Tribe

In recent reports indicate that Maoists groups have setup an armed group in upper Assam. In another alarming news report says that LDCM (Liberal Democratic Council of Misingland ) has threatened to attack NHPC dam at Gerukamukh, Dheamji.

While it is a known strategy for Maoists to establish a root in poor and downtrodden areas before starting an armed rebellion, with a Mising armed group in the name of LDCM, other wise peaceful second largest tribe in Assam, should be viewed together.

Misings live in most impoverished areas in Assam, like Dhemaji, Lakhimpur districts as well as in Arunachal Pradesh. Though they are second largest tribe by population, they have been demanding for sixth schedule status and agitating in peaceful manner so far.

With big dams being constructed in hundreds in Arunachal Pradesh, this riverine tribe is going to be affected the most. So, recent anti-dam agitation has witnessed huge participation from this community and Maoists seem to have thrown in their hat too.

What is more alarming s, The Mising Tribe is closely related to greater Tani tribe ( a majority in Arunachal Pradesh) which has clans living in Tibet with similar language, culture. If Misings join Maoists in big number, it may become an “cross border insurgency” in North East India with China happily supporting them as they already claim Arunachal Pradesh as their own. It might become a nightmarish situation for Indian government.

As per reports, Maoists have setup their head quarter in Sadia area, a border between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and habituated by Mising tribe in big number.While security forces have claimd to have killed Maoists military commander Paul Gogoi in October lat year, it is yet to be known who has taken over from him.

Maoists have started sending out extortion notices to many cattle farmers, tea estates in Sadia area for small sums like Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 25000, as per Assam Tribune reports.

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