Junbil Mela in Assam

Junbil Mela is a “trade fair” held yearly at Junbeelpar, four kilometer from Jagirod, in Morigaon district of middle Assam. This trade fair is normally held after Magh Bihu, in the month of January every year. The main attraction of this fair is the “barter system”! No currency is used in this fair. The “King of Gobha” declares holding of this fair.

The trade fair is believed to be started collectively by the ‘kings’ of Gobha, Chahari, Nelie, Pachim Nagaon, Dimorua etc. Now a days, only the Tiwa King of Gobha declares the start of the junbil mela.

This year, Junbil Mela started on 19th January 2012 and concluded yesterday on 21st Jan 2012 in the evening.

Many people from Tiwa tribe as well as other tribes from nearby hills visit this mela and exchange various goods.

Now a days, many people from all around the country visit Junbil Mela to experience barter system.

A temporary Rajdarbar was organised by the Junbeel Mela Samiti at the mela ground. Ancient age-old rajas from various kingdoms in the State mainly, Nellieraja, Kholaraja, Pachim-Nagaon raja, Chahariraja, Dimoruaraja etc including Gobha Deoraja, Deepsing along with his ‘ministerial’ followers – Barbarua, Senapati, Dekadoloi, Bordoloi, Arandhara, Khataniar etc, assembled in the Rajdarbar.

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