Crack in Congress in Assam ?

As the communal violence in BTAD areas seems to be under control now. Indian Prime Minister visited few relief camps of both community and announced relief package of Rs. 300 crore for the riot victims. But there have been few incidents which hints at a division among Congress leaders in Assam.

Since the recent BTAD violence, Himanta Biswa Sarma was always the first to visit any violence hit site, or calamity. But strangely, this time, Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi sent Rackybul Hussain, Dr. Nazrul Islam ( both from Congress) and Chandan Brahma to Kokrajhar to take stock of the situation as soon as the violence erupted.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, who otherwise, is active in defending the Assam Congress Government as well as quick to tweet about steps taken by Government in his Twitter page, was interestingly silent, except some 6words tweet praying for early end of the violence. Interestingly, after few days, he started tweeting how his Health Department has been organising to send more doctors and nurses for the relief camps. CM Tarun Gogoi almost blamed the central government for the delay of deploying Army to control the violence.

In the other incident, Guwahati mob-molestation case which was a national news and social media outrage involving a TV Channel owned by wife of Himanta Biswa Sharma, Tarun Gogoi condemned in a manner how the news was telecast. Atanu Bhuyan, who is said be relative of Himanta Biswa Sharma, had resigned after alleging that he does not expect fair enquiry as CM had almost blamed him. Himanta Biswa Sharma was silent, offering not much of his opinion.

Some people opine that joining of Gaurav Gogoi, the son of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi in Assam politics has changed may equations in the succession plan among many ambitious young leaders in Assam. There is also a rumour that some power cabinet minister from Assam government had floated name of Tarun Gogoi as UPAs vice presidents candidate which of course did not meterialise.

With three consecutive win by Congress in Assam under leadership of Tarun Gogoi, powerful Congress high command may find it difficult to replace Tarun Gogoi. The other difficulty would be find a consensus leader among many hopefuls. Also, many smart leaders from Assam remember what happened to Jagan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh who is now in jail and opnly revolted against Congress high command after CM’s post was denied to him. The same goes with Congress high command which would not like to create another Jagan Reddy in Assam.

Congress High Command has history of sidelining state level popular leader and imposing weak and consensus leader while replacing state Chief Minister.

It will be interesting, how the cabinet of Tarun Gogoi takes shape in next few months in Assam.

( The writer wants to remain anonymous)

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