Young Girl from Arunachal Pradesh to lead International Everest Expedition 2011

A young girl from Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, Anshu Jamsenpa has been selected to lead nine member the International Everest Expedition (IIE) 2011. The summit push to Everest is likely to begin after May 22, 2011 depending on the weather condition.

The IIE 2011 team will comprise mountaineers from five countries – four Indians (including another mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh Tine Mina), two Italians, a Canadian, an Iranian and a Swede, that will scale the world’s highest mountain Mt Everest.

Tine Mena, from Roing, Arunachal Pradesh and Anshu Jamsenpa have successfully completed their pre-Everest expedition and were recently selected for Everest Expedition 2011. The mountaineers reached the Everest base camp on Saturday afternoon at 2:35 p.m. after nine days of hard trek from Lukla village in Nepal. The team members are doing well, except for one JJ Khajuria of Rajasthan, who had to be airlifted and evacuated to Kathmandu Friday after suffering severe high altitude sickness at 18500 feet while acclimatizing.

The Nepal tourist and civil aviation ministry, Nepal Mountaineering Association and the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu are keeping watch on the day-to-day progress of this international expedition. The Everest base camp is located at 17500 ft. It is where climbers begin their actual expedition. This training and recuperation continues throughout the climb at Camp 1 (19470 ft), Camp 2 (21450 ft), Camp 3 (23760 ft). (Source : DY365 )

We are proud for the achievers from Arunachal Pradesh and hope it would inspire youths from North East India.

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