Wungnaoshang Keishing an opportunist traitor : NSCN-IM

In a press release by “ministry of information and publicity, Nagaland”, NSCN-IM has accused W keishing of having treacherous mindset of an opportunist traitor, patronizing and nurturing anti people armed groups such as United Naga People’s Council (UNPC) and Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) and valley-based armed groups to fight against his own people, undermining the cause of the Naga Nation.

Unless Wungnaoshang realises his mistakes and mend his ways, he can never run away from the judgement of the people, the Press release says.

Wungnaoshang Keishing vehicle was ambushed by suspected NSCN-IM few days ago which resulted death of nine policemen.

“No man who defies the wishes of the people, betrays his own commitments, sold out the rights and future of the people and also challenge the authority of the Nation shall go unpunished”, press release the NSCN IM said.

It also recalled that Wungnaoshang Keishing made an undertaking with the UNC at Tungam, Senapati in March 2007 not to go against the people’s interest and decision failing which befitting necessary action may be taken.

“However, we regret for the unfortunate victims who lost their precious lives in the cross-fire”, NSCN-IM Press Release conveyed. ( Source : E-PAO.NET)

Most probably, this is admission of involvement of NSCN-IM in the ambush where Wungnaoshang Keishing escaped luckily. It may be mentioned that NSCN IM is in ceasefire with Centre in Nagaland, but they have been operating in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh where they have no such agreement.

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