Unipay2U Scam: Where is A.R Holla

Already people have got to know that a fraud company namely Unipay2u looted multi-crore rupees from Assam.The company run by one Pranabjyoti Barman, promising heavy return, cheated a large number of investors from Assam. Police have registered cases against the company as well as Pranabjyoti Barman and started investigation after receiving complaints from the investors.
But the police could not arrest the culprits except seizing properties possessed illegally by them and some documents.The Unipay2u Company as it reflected itself as a gold trading company based in Malayasia.

In India a senior advocate named A.R.Hola has undertaken Legal Procedure to Open UNIPAY2U Company. He is highly qualified and receiving M.Sc. (Tech.), L.L.B., F.C.S., M.I.E., A.T.A., P.G.Dip. In Stat., P.G.D.P.M. (NIPM). The Company promised the investors of high return including benefit of earning gold coins. But when investors began to register complaints against the company, the senior executives of the company including Pranab Barman fled away. According to reports the company opened various schemes for investors.

The company opened schemes in the following ways———–
2,500 or 4,500 Joining Amount (Id cost)
– 15,000 – 97,500 = 20% 10 months
– 99,000 – 1, 50,000 = 21.5% 10 months
– 1, 51,500 – 2, 25,000 = 23% 10 months
On the otherhand, some people who wanted to earn easy money, keeping faith upon the company began to invest huge sums of money. But the investors received no return in accordance with the declaration company’ notice. Even they did not receive satisfactory reply from the authority when contacted. Many of them alleged that the company officers did not receive phone call when they wanted to know about their investment.This leads them to complaint against the company. Though the police registered cases against Pranabjyoti Barman and some of his associates but no step has been taken against A.R Holla till time. Even his name remains unheard for many investors of the company. Some of the investors demanded that since Holla is one of the masterminds behind the opening wing of the company in India, he must take responsibilities for all the misdeeds.They sought to know more about Holla and his whereabout.Mentionable that Unipay2u has advertised that it has business operation in Andra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujrath, Jharkhand.•Karnataka,•Kerala,•Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra,Orissa,Tamil Nadu,and West Bengal besides Assam.Moreover,it has branches in Bangladesh too.Similarly in Bangladesh Dhaka police crackdown on the company last January.

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