Today is Ali Ai Ligang Festival for Misings in Assam

Today, the first Wednesday of Ginmur Polo ( February – March) of the year is the Ali Ai ligang festival for Mising tribe in Assam. Mising is part of greater Tani tribes which are found majorly in districts in upper Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. Tani Tribes are found in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Tibet ( China).

Mising is one of the most colourful tribes in North East India. They have migrated to the plains of Assam from the hills of Arunachal Pradesh and started living on river banks. They have been able to preserve their language, culture while living in harmony with other Assamese speaking people in Assam.

“Ali” means root/ seed, “ai” means fruit and “Ligang” means sow. It is the day when Misings start sowing of paddy seeds. Mising boys and girls dance Gumrag in this occasion which is a unique dance form of Misings.

During this festival, Misings indulge in great feasts with Poro Apong or Nogin Apong ( Rice Beer), pork cooked in various styles. ‘Purang Apin’ is cooked in water with special leaves. This is also special dish prepared by Misings during Ali Ai Ligang only.

Ali Ai Ligang also marks new year ( Anu Ditag) for Misings. We wish all Misings a very Happy Ali Ai Ligang and happy new year.

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