Today is Me-Dam-Me-Fi : Festival of Ahoms in Assam

Me Dam Me Fi, the annual religious festival of the Ahoms in Assam where they offer ‘puja’ to their ancestors and observed on 31st January every year.

In Tai language, Me-Dam-Me-Fi means offer of Puja and prayer in memory of their forefathers. Me means paying tributes, Dam means forefathers and Fi means gods and goddesses. In short, Me-Dam-Me-Fi signifies offer of prayer or tribute in honour of the souls of their forefathers. The Tai Ahoms celebrate this festival with great jubilation and enthusiasm on January 31 every year and this day is declared as a State holiday. Although with the passage of time, it has witnessed some change in the modus operandi of performing Puja, the basic features remain more or less same.

Me-Dam-Me-Fi is considered as the most important annual religious festival of the Tai Ahoms. This puja is performed annually to evoke blessings from the forefathers so that the living generation may live in peace and prosperity.

It is believed that if Me-Dam-Me-Fi is not celebrated in the customary way, the deities will be displeased and consequently there will be crisis in the State like political rivalry and infighting, increased activities of militancy, natural upheavals like floods and earthquakes resulting in loss of human lives and property. Therefore, performance of Me-Dam-Me-Fi is a must in the interest of overall well-being of the people and the society.

Me-Dam-Me-Fi is celebrated all over Asom, particularly in Sivasagar, Dibrugarh, Lakhimpur districts with concentration of Ahom population besides the capital city Guwahati.

Another attraction of this festival is that people of other communities also participate in the community feasts and actively associate with the cultural programmes of music and drama in the evening.

Source : Buljit Buragohain

Best Wishes for All people of Assam on this occasion!

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