Threat to regionalism in Assam : Sarbananda Sonowal quits AGP to join BJP

Sarbananda Sonowal, AASU leader turned MP from AGP who had wrested Dibrugarh parliamentary seat from Congress in 2004 general election has resigned from primary membership of AGP ( Asom Gana Parishad) on Friday, 4th February 2011.

Sarbananda Sonowal had ended Congress domination in Dibrugarh constituency which had been electing Congress candidate since independence of India. Sarbananda Sonowal was president of All Assam Students Union ( AASU) the powerful student organisation in Assam from 1992 to 999. He was also chairman of NESO (North East Students Organisation) from 1994 to 2004.

In his resignation, he has informed that he is very upset due as AGP is building close relation with AUDF and its chief Badruddin Ajmal and its sidelining of illegal immigrants issue while doing so.

Sonowal significantly hit out at former Chief Minister, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta questioning his growing closeness with Ajmal and for extending tacit support to AUDF’s communal agenda. “How could a leader, who led the Assam agitation against the foreign nationals, join hands with Ajmal, who has openly criticised the scrapping of IM (DT) Act,” Sonowal asked.

The other issue which Sarbanda Sonowal is, AGPs relation with AASU. AASU has been showing blak flag to Prafulla Kumar Mahanta where ever he goes in Assam. AGP leadership has not worked to mend its relation with AASU, he alleged.

On his decision to join BJP, Sonowal said he held wide ranging consultations with host of people before arriving at a decision to quit AGP.

“I held at least seven rounds of discussions with BJP’s central leadership and sought their assurances on a number of issues concerning the fate of the indigenous people, before agreeing to join BJP,” he said.

The BJP national president has agreed to accord top priority to some of the burning issues like to securing the future of the indigenous people, complete implementation of the Assam Accord in spirit and letter, solution of the flood and erosion problem among others.

Sonowal said as BJP closely identified with the issues he has been fighting for, he found it the best alternative.

Whatever reason Sarbananda Sonowal may cite for his resignation, there are few things which may have forced him to snap his ties with AGP. Most people believe that he lost 2009 MP election from Dibrugarh due to AGP voters. He got votes from BJPs loyal supporters Kamakhya Prasad Tasa, who opted to contest election from Jorhat against B K Handique as AGP and BJP had alliance in 2009.

The other reason is when he sought Rajya Sabha ticket, he was denied by AGP leadership and many opine that it was pressuried by Badaruddin Ajmal AUDF to deny him ticket as AGP candidate whose votes were important for electing any AGP candidate.

Finally, his seemingly junior leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma had risen not only in political ladder in Assam, but also in stature in Assam politics while senior and powerful leader like him were left behind. He must have thought that BJP is one party which can give his political career a required push as well as relevance in Assam politics as well as in Delhi.

Resignation of Sarbanada Sonowal has removed another son of the soil leader from AGP. AGP is now accused of alienating tribals of Assam and incipiently Sarbananda Sonowal also belongs to Sonowal Kachari tribes ( a greater Bodo Kachari ). Joining of Sarbananda Sonowal, BJP may increase its tally from Dibrugarh district. AGP will find it more difficult to win votes from indigenous people in Assam.

It is sad development for AGP which was formed after historic AASU-India accord in 1985 after famous six years agitation against illegal-immigrant from Assam for safeguarding local indigenous people.

16 thoughts on “Threat to regionalism in Assam : Sarbananda Sonowal quits AGP to join BJP

  • February 5, 2011 at 8:21 am

    sarbananda sonowal has cheated the indigenous tribes of assam. by joining the bjp, what does he want to show? a party suported only by the marwaris, the bengalees and the brahmins amongst the indigenous assamese. anyone else will kick the bjp out. everyone knows how much the bjp/and its supporters disrespect and abuse assamese indigenous tribes………..any indigenous assamese is a chinky, their women are no better than sluts to be raped, and molested……..
    sonowal, you have betrayed the assamese indigeous people and you are no more than a mere pawn in the rss hierarchy.

    • April 28, 2011 at 8:22 am

      I support S Sownl to joint BJP, In assam if u see what did do congress last 10yrs? we see only corruption and corruption, every department ….

  • February 5, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Most probably, Sarbananda Sonowal has chosen lesser evil. BJP is lesser evil than AUDF and Congress. BJP is at least a party with origin in India while both Congress and AUDF are doubtful…

  • February 6, 2011 at 2:57 am

    the same bjp which has been on a now-in now-out relationship with the agp, the dirtiest party ever on assam, the party which had taken back the assamese by a 50 years or so.
    bjp is a party with origins in hindutva theory, something which had always been antagonistic to assamese philosophy.a la sankardeva…….
    the congress has atleast made assam safer than the alliance partner agp when 5 pm. meant ghar bhago everyone. and 26th jan and 15th aug were assam bandhs.
    real assamese. do you even remember 2008 serial blasts, without knowing anything , the bjp came to assam and decried islamic terrorism, and then when it was out that the NDFB had been involved, till today, they have not said a word on assam. cheap, disgusting party.

  • February 6, 2011 at 6:49 am

    assamese_hero, did you even read what I wrote ?

    And do you think AUDF is not Bangladeshi organisation trying to impose illegal Bangladeshis in Assam while making indigenous people minority here ?

    BJP at least s lesser evil for indigenous people of Assam, AUDF is surely better option than BJP for illegal Bangladeshis in Assam.

  • February 7, 2011 at 12:44 am

    real_assamese,are you even understanding what i wrote?????
    first of all, the AUDF is no player in assam politics. your first statement includes that congress is not an indian party, reply, even the bjp is a “HINDUTVA” based party, which does not encompass all india.
    secondly, having lived in an AGP-ruled assam, when law and order was a joke, (i would like you to ask any true assamese fellow, not some bjp supporter) how the agp-rule was to live like????????no scurity, no-holds barred corruption, an empty treasury, (the interesting part being that the bjp at that time being in the centre was not so motherly fond of assam as it is now, madly trying to get power here….it gave two hoots to the problems in assam , only the land was important, let the people die..haha)…..people did not get salary for months together, many of my friends’ fathers committed suicide, but whats the problem? right??? we have the land?jai hindutva…….
    atleast now, salaries are being paid………people are living decent lives.
    the assamese do know what will become of assam once the agp-bjp combine comes. the only thing you guys look to is how to save hndutva in assam, that’s all that counts……all these years, when the ulfa was butchering the assamese, where were these shouts? where were the flag hoistings during 1984-2002 by bjp when the ulfa asked the assamese to remain locked in houses and shot people who dared to hoist flags in their homes???????

  • February 7, 2011 at 2:44 pm


    So you are just a Congress supporter, a party with dynastic rules, a party which has institutionalized corruption in India and divided North East India!

  • February 8, 2011 at 7:39 am

    real_assamese, after all the troubles the average assamese had to go through in terms of security, livelihod and governance isues, all you can say is i am a congress suporter………..its simply funny……..and pathetic as well…..
    and yes, this proves another important point, you are not an assamese at all, just a north-indian su[pporter of bjp and the rss……who just wants a taste of power………….before caling me a congress suporter, did you care to even say a word of comfort for the numerous sufferings under the agp rule assam had to endure??????oh why????as i said, what is important for you is just the hindutvaness of the land and the govt,,,,let the assamese people rot, die or eat shit………….

    just a small advice, do not pretend to be an assamese with a name as “real_assamese”…….in order to sympathise with the indigfgenous peoples of assam….let us see you really being concerned about the separatist movements and the total anarchy agp rule had brought about in assam……..

  • February 8, 2011 at 9:28 am

    @assamese hero…a lot of people in assam share the same thoughts as you. My personal opinion is lets see what happens this election…i feel congress will lose some seats while both AGP & BJP will gain a few…but the bottom lime would be…congress will form the next government in Alliance.
    Till then the fights can wait!!!

  • February 8, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Kak nu bulim Koka ?? Hokolure dari suli poka….

  • February 10, 2011 at 12:51 am

    interesting debate……real intersting………..aur haan….ek baat toh malum parta hain….real_assamese real assamese nahin hain :D:D:D……
    assamese_hero(hats off, man) ki ek bhi point ka counter nahin kar paya……sirf, u r this supporter , that supporter karta rah gayan……………..

    par sab se majedaar cheez yeh hain ki in 20-30 saal tak bjp ko assam ka kabhi khayal nahin aayan, as assamese_hero said, kisi neh wahan flag tak hoist nahi kiya, ulfa ke time mein bhi…….waise bhi bjp se kya except kar sakte hain……….hypocrite hindutva androids saaalen………….par is bar sare bjp supporters aur rss d@l@ls jai assam, jai assam kar rahe hain…………..dekhte hain kya hota hain……….would be hapy to see tarun gagoi come back to power………….

  • February 26, 2011 at 3:31 am

    all these years of friendship with the agp, and now bjp backstabbed it as usual………they called themselves callies of agp, haha, and now see, what they have done…….on the surface, it looks very normal, sarbananda sonowal leaving agp because he was unhappy with the way things are going in agp. he says he wants to work for the nation, and bjp is the only party where he will find a conducive environment to work as such…………BUT IS IT ALL SO NORMAL AS IT LOOKS?
    do you all think the bjp did no underhand trick to lure away a prominent vote garnering leader from the party of agp? they definitely must have promised him some post, either in the party or something like that.and this bjp, which was an ally of agp till recently, shamelessly robbed the agp, the only locally strong party of assam other than the congress(a national one) of a powerful face.
    “zuakalir loike zar angolit dhori BJP’e ASOM kak bule xou kei bosor man agote xikibo ahisil, azi sei khon hatote bixakto saapor dore khuti xekh kori AGP’k praye mumurxu korile.”
    and shamelessly, the bjp suporters are still celebrating this fact on the net. they are shouting that sonowal’s coming to them has furthered their prospects in assam, without even thinking how they have betrayed their old ally AGP.and weakened it politically as well as image-wise.but then again, why would bjp care for it?????
    one thing can be understood here that all the bjp cares about is power, and when the opportune time comes, even the so-loved ” assamese bros and sis” who they are wooing these days will and shall be dumped and betrayed.
    as general niazi(of pakistan army)had said during the bangladesh war:” what we want is east pakistan, not east pakistanis”
    anyone sees a common tone????????????

  • March 7, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    agp should learn from history. the last time in 2009 they were in alliance with the bjp, the bjp won 4 seats and the agp 1………the bjp says” we come to free you from muslims, finally they will do partnership with muslims for power(they can do it with even murderers like shibu soren, and now, even shiv sena is wooing muslims with its new muslim wing….hypocrites)………and soon it will be non assamese non indigenous north indians who will rule over assam and assamese language will die out and all banners will be in hindi, assamese traditions will die out, it will be only orthodox saffron hindutva, hindutva and hindutva…the unique assamese traditions will be finished,,,,,,,,,,,,in schools, and places,,,,we will be forced to say namaste….namaskar will no longer be heard anywhere………..

  • March 20, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    agp’k bhorir tol kori he erile bjp’e///////
    herou lachit’or deshor lok, bhorit pelale amar netak xei uttar bharotor brahmin xongothone….chi chi……..
    sarbananda sonowal’ok tu thogi nile, tar pisot laz man eri agp’e teulokar bhreeta (slave) huwa obostha hol…… to post poll alliance…….;);):D…………..aji agp, kaliloike asombahi hindutvavadir bhreetya hobo………nirlozyo obostha……….laz pabo lage


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