Rs. 2 Crore for ULFA Peace Talk and Assam Election

Recent news report in various news papers tells the story that, ULFA has been given Rs. 2 crore ( as per Asian Age Rs. 40 lac as per Assam Tribune) for daily expenses of ULFA leaders as well as its 400 overground cadres who are now in designated camps at various places in Assam.

According to Asian Age, the pro-talk group of ULFA led by Arabinda Rajkhowa ( currently released on bail from Guwahati jail after he was arrested from Bangladesh and pushed back to India) sought the financial assistance from Government.

Government of Assam then immediately moved MHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs) to grant the same though it was Assembly election time in Assam. Government of Assam had taken approval from Election Commission for providing financial assistance to ULFA.

So, that is the recent news about paying money to ULFA for running their daily expenses! Now here are few more ‘related news’

1. Himanta Biswa Sarma accused ULFA of having nexus with AGP while ULFA was seeking ‘financial assistance’ from Congress Government in Assam soon after ULFA blast. Report here. AGP too promptly accused Congress of having nexus with ULFA! So can third party think, AGP has links with Paresh Barua led ULFA while Congress has links with Arabinda Rajkhowa led ULFA ?

2. Tarun Gogoi had been heard boasting about ULFA leaders ( Arabinda Rajkhowa) coming to meet him in his government residence for talks which has been made possible by him, while he was well aware of the financial assistance sought by ULFA leaders and while he had forwarded request for the same to MHA. But he never informed about this to the people of Assam though!

3. Immediately after ULFA blast at Rajiv Bhawan, Congress HQ in Guwahati, pro-talk ULFA condemned the blast and after that the election passed off peacefully.

Now if one sees the time line, Arabinda Rajlhowa was arrested in Oct. 2009, released on Oct. 2010, peace talks started in Feb 2011 and Election in Assam for Assembly held in April 2011! Some one seems to be getting the timings just right here!

Finally, NDFB ( National Democratic Front of Bodoland) had refused similar financial assistance.

Now the question is, is it legal to provide financial assistance members of banned outfit after they come for peace talks ?

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