Recent FAQ on ULFA in Assam and its violent history

Recently, ULFA ( United Liberation Front of Asom) is in news as well as many discussions about ULFA, its future, talks with Indian Government, split in ULFA, its role in next Assam Assembly election. Here are few FAQ on ‘current affairs’ related to ULFA in Assam.

1. Will ULFA start talking to Indian Government ?
– Yes. ULFA has announced today ( 5th Feb 2011) that it will start talking to Indian government from 10th February 2011. This will be the first direct talk between ULFA and Government Of India ( GOI ).

2. Has ULFA split as Paresh Barua sent video clipping and photo with his cadres in heavy arms and shouting pro-independence slogans ?
– No. ULFA has not split and released ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa and Paresh Barua are in constant touch.

3. Will ULFA take part in coming Assam election ?
– No, ULFA has clarified through various news paper reports that it will not take part in coming assembly election in Assam.

4. What is opinion of ULFA about Dhemaji blast and Sanjay Ghosh killing ?
– ULFA has expressed regret for the both incident. This regret came from none other than Paresh Barua, the chief of ULFA’s armed wing as well as Sasha Choudhuri,Foreign Secy, ULFA.

5. Will ULFA give up armed struggle ?
– According to Paresh Barua, ULFA will not give up armed struggle.

Few major terrorist activities by ULFA since 7 April 1979 :-

May 9, 1990: ULFA kills Surendra Paul, a leading tea planter and brother of Lord Swraj Paul, causing many tea estate managers to flee the state.

Jul 1, 1991: ULFA cadre abduct 14 people including an engineer of erstwhile USSR.

Jan 14, 1992: Operation Rhino against ULFA suspended by state government as the group agrees for talks.

Apr 11, 1992: ULFA guns down 10 security personnel.

Apr 28, 1996: Lt Col Devendra Tyagi shot dead by the terrorists in the Kamakhya temple, Guwahati.

May 18, 1996: Superintendent of Police, Tinsukia, Ravi Kant Singh killed by ULFA

Jun 8, 1997: Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta escapes attempt on life after his convoy is ambushed by the ULFA in Guwahati.

Jul 4, 1997: The banned outfit kills social activist Sanjoy Ghosh.

Sep 24, 1999: BJP Lok Sabha candidate Pannalal Oswal killed in Dhubri ahead of polls by the outfit.

Feb 27, 2000: ULFA kills the then state PWD and Forest Minister, Nagen Sharma in Nalbari district.

Aug 15, 2004 : ULFA triggers a bomb blast in Dhamaji, Assam, kills 18 children.

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