Pro-Talk ULFA leaders will get into business : Peace Talk result ?

What can be called a very interesting development, Pro-talk ULFA leader Mrinal Hazarika stated that ULFA would now involve itself with business activities in Assam. Hira Saraniya, the ‘commander of the outfit’s 709 battalion’ has been appointed as the in-charge for the purpose, he further added.

Claiming that the intervention is aimed at evicting ‘mafia raj’ and ‘syndicates’ from the existing business scenario, the ULFA leader said that the outfit’s intervention would facilitate involvement of local youths in coal and other lucrative businesses.

This has received many reactions from Assamese netizens from all over the world! Many draw parallels to SULFA in 1991 joining business and starting ‘syndicate’, ‘mafiaraj’ in business activities in Assam. Many people remembers ‘USHA COURT’ in Guwahati to be capital of all business activities in Assam during those old days!

Now, after sections of ULFA coming over ground with peace talks, they are again showing interest in doing business is something like repeating the history itself. Many people are questioning now if they had to do business only, what was the purpose of those violence by ULFA for such long years ?

Recent controversy, where MHA clarified it released Rs. 40 lacs recently while Pro-Talk leaders denied receiving any money, has not died down yet, and with this new controversy, many opine that it will strengthen anti-talk faction of ULFA, led by Paresh Barua.

Victims of violence by ULFA, victims of Army atrocities in the name of counter insurgency operations would be now wondering, what was the purpose of their sufferings!

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