Pro-talk ULFA denies having received money

ULFA had denied having received any money from Government for their day to day expenses. In a press release sent to news channels, news papers in Assam, pro-talk ULFA group chairman, Arabinda Rajkhowa had clarified that they have not received any money from government and urges news papers to prove that pro-talk ULFA had received any money.

In the press release, he had also warned media not to spread such rumour and appealed to the people of Assam to not get miss-leaded by such biased news.

Now few interesting questions arise after this denial:-

1. The news article was sourced from MHA. Neither they nor government of Assam has not clarified or denied the payment of the money. So, whom government of Assam paid the money ? Since pro-talk ULFA denies having received any money, did Government of Assam pay it to anti-talk faction ULFA led by Paresh Barua ? Interestingly, there is no press release or any communication from Anti-Talk Faction of ULFA regarding this.

2. Where did the money go ? Was the money used for electioneering in Assam ? When ULFA pro-talk faction denies any receipt of money, did pro-talk ULFA faction actually ask for money ? Why did government of ULFA agree to such demand ? Or was it other way around, government of Assam proposing to pay ULFA ?

It would be interesting to see any further news from Government of Assam r any follow up on this.

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