Plebiscite Under United Nations in Manipur : UNLF Chief

UNLF (United National Liberation Front) chief Rajkumar Meghen alias Sanayaima has again renewed his offer to lay down arms before UN ( United Nations) authorities so that plebscite can be conducted in Manipur in the presence of UN representatives and arrange for the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in Manipur, North East India.

He also told that, this is the only way to end resolve the ‘conflict’. The UNLF will deposit arms to the UN authorities on a date prior to the plebiscite and will abide by whatever decision the people give. Reports The Hindu.

A postgraduate in International Relations from Jadavpur University in Kolkata, Mr. Meghen is the great-grandson of Manipuri patriot Prince Tikendrajit Singh, who led the army of the Manipur kingdom in the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891.

Mr. Meghen has been named as one of the 19 accused in the charge sheet filed by the NIA ( National Investigation Agency) in a case registered against UNLF members involved in “criminal conspiracy to wage war against the nation by indulging in fundraising and heinous terrorist acts, and threatening the unity, integrity, security and sovereignty of India by terror strikes.”

The protesters raised ‘UNLF Long Live’ slogans when the 65-year-old insurgent leader was brought to the court and when he left the premises.

Source : The Hindu

It is quite worth questioning why a great grandson of a historical figure like Prince Tikendrajit Singh had to resort to insurgency in Manipur for freedom!

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