Nyishi Students Union demands removal of Sentinel Office from Itanagar

All Nyishi Students Union ( ANSU ) has demanded that the Sentinel Arunachal Office be removed from Nyishi inhabited areas like Itanagar and other areas. ANSU has also demanded that Arunachal Press Club and CEO of the newspaper in question Jarpum Gamlin resign from his post as president of the club.

It may me mentioned that, on fourth May 2011, Times of India published an article about Nabum Tuki, PCC president and PWD minister, who lost the race to Chief Minister as “Nyishi tribe which doesn’t enjoy good rapport among other tribes” to which Nabum Tuki belongs.

The Union further in an ultimatum to state Chief Secretary demanded that Pradeep Thakur, the journalist who is credited to have written the piece be arrested within 48 hours and clarify on what basis the story was filed.

All Nyishi Students Union ( ANSU ) demanded an apology from Times of India and which Times Of India issued an apology.

Nyishi is the second largest Tani tribe after Misings and largest single tribe in Arunachal Pradesh with population more than 3lacs.

Nyishis were known to take fines even for bruise after collision between bike and car, and demand outrageous price for a hen killed in accident where the price of the hen is calculated on the basis of its future eggs and offspring. But these practices have now reduced after advent of education in Nyishi areas.

Nyishi inhabited areas were the last in Arunachal Pradesh where education and development reached. Nyishis still like to carry their traditional ‘Dao’ with them which may scare outsiders.

Nyishi follow Donyi Polo religion like any other Tani tribes as well as any converted now to Christianity.

5 thoughts on “Nyishi Students Union demands removal of Sentinel Office from Itanagar

  • May 23, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Bloody idiot,rascal,psycho..,its sick people like you(The above particular blogger) who put all kinds of wrong information in the net and encourage the so called journalists like ppradeep thakur and many others from the mainland india to earn name and fame by giving all sorts of negative coverage about the indegineous people of arunachal in particular and N.E states as a whole.shame on you bloggers for having no knowledge of your own fellow brothers and sisters of your region.its a matter of great dismay that people sitting in america has better knowledge of the indegenious people of these states than that of the mainland indians.more so its a matter of great shame on the part of the blogger who has put in the above facts on the Nyishi tribe of arunachal.when you have no interaction or first hand knowledge of any individual or community, you should not put forward such negative remarks about any particular community in the blog.it invaribly sends a wrong message across the globe and consequently it often leads to great catastrope and ultimately bloggers like you will be held responsible for such irresponsible acts.the consequence due to the immature act on the part of mr.pradeep thakur is already showing results leading to social tension in arunachal pradesh especially in itanagar.kindly refrain from such sick minded blogs which has no value in civilised society.rather devote your time in doing something better for the society in the larger interest of all.

    • October 8, 2011 at 7:18 am

      YOU the so called tribe…nishi…dat 90% of India dnt knw about it..you should not demand…anything…u shouldn’t…this tribe is the most aggressive tribe in A.P…the kind of people…in this tribe…they just want to suck the the last drop of blood from the non-tribes…people….by demanding fines..from innocent people…. you say arunachal is your state..if you want to keep it safe..don’t threaten the non-tribe…people….coz you might not be aware dat many people are targeting…you…and they might destroy…all the tribes…and “THE LAND OF RISING SUN” will be “THE LAND OF THE DEAD” …So nyishi..dont you..dare…treat the non-tribes…like sweepers becoz ..what you are nw is all thanks to the non-tribes..your clothes,cars,food,education,ect and many more things…its all thanks to non-tribes…..and last nyishi your demand will never fullfill coz its not a right decision…to give a gun to a 5 years old kid…got dat…666.your nightmare..is coming.

  • May 24, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Dude, before writing all those stuff in your comment, you could have read the disclaimer in this blog http://www.northeastblog.in/disclaimer/ which is just below its ABOUT NE BLOG in the footer.

    And instead of shouting those accusations, fall – outs etc etc. you should simply point out the wrong facts and ask to remove or edit it.

    And if you really belong to Nyishi Tribe and if some one reads your reaction or comment, nobody will get any good impression on you either.

  • May 24, 2011 at 9:53 am

    Dear Benjamin,
    Kindly inform which information is not true or which paragraph you want us to be removed, it will be removed, no question asked.

  • November 12, 2011 at 5:49 am

    We all are brothers because we all are peoples of the Arunachal. May be in some times we quarrel one another tribes but our spirit is Arunachali. You now in every family there are not similar character. Who are short temper he occupied everythings more then in rest of family members. And other family member do not quarrel him and adjust with his habit. Arunachal pradesh is land of 26 schedule tribes. In every corner all are peace lover but some times occasionally fight young growing boy does not necessary Arunachal is hot state. In Arunachal we every Arunachale beat non tribes because of their bad character and beheviour. Non Tribes said Arunachal people beat non tribes because they want to minimize in beating them. If they do wrong and we forgive them then one day a thought may be come in their mind ” lets we capture Arunachal pradesh”. You saw in Assam,Bihar and all over in India local area are rule by local people not by non local. We are bold in our own motherland but we did not done misbehave non tribes when they are good. And when we go other area we respect the people of that area and give them love and affectionate. So there is no question can arise about illtreatment of non tribes. But encourage to our young generation of Arunachal to do not excuse non tribes when they did wrong. Non tribe did not give infortance to loud voice if we did not use heavy punching. But with out wrong do not heart non tribes and live them happy life.


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