Maoist in North East India : A fact now

According to MHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs) Maoist has set up their own units in North East India as well which is a clear deviation from their earlier decision of supporting ‘nationalistic’ armed struggle by insurgents operating in Assam and North East India, reports Assam Tribune.

The recent arrest of three youths ( Aditya Bora, Singh Raj Orang and Ashik Sabar) from Assam in a camp of the Maoist rebels in a jungle area bordering Orissa and Jharkhand exposed the fact that an Upper Assam Committee of the Maoists is already active in Assam.

Since many dominant insurgent groups like ULFA had recently came forward for peace talks with Indian Government and UNLF chief under custody, Maoists must have thought of initiating formation of their own units for struggling for the rights of down-trodden in North East India.

During questioning, Aditya claimed that the upper Assam committee of the Maoists started an effort to organize the downtrodden sections of the society including the labourers of a few tea gardens. He claimed that he knew a number of political leaders of the state, but he could not substantiate his claim, sources said.

Sources pointed out that the Maoists always start their movement in a systematic way and the armed struggle comes at a much later stage. The Maoists first try to establish their network by organizing the downtrodden sections of society and armed struggle is the last stage of their movement. As existence of an upper Assam committee of the Maoists has been established, the police and security forces will have to keep a very close watch on the situation to prevent the rebels from establishing strong network in Assam and other parts of North East, sources pointed out.

With popular sentiments growing against big dams in Arunachal Pradesh as well as political parties ‘exposing’ scams involving in these dam construction, Maoists might find it easy to influence poor people to join their ranks. Indian government must prepare itself to combat the designs of Maoists to make North East another battle ground. China may seize the opportunity to create more trouble for Indian government by covertly supporting Maoists with geographical proximity to it.

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