Indian Government finally woke up to plebiscite call in Manipur

Finally, when call for plebiscite in Manipur gained enough momentum as well as widespread support, which many opine an option to end insurgency in Manpur, government of India seems to have woken up and demanded action t be taken against such demands.

It may be noted that, recently, many mainstream political leaders joined activists, social organisation supporting the demand for a plebiscite to decide future of Manipur with India. Even Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh had opined that plebiscite is good beginning for ending insurgency in Manipur.

But, it is reported that, after Ministry of Home affairs had asked state government to take actions against such demands, it has instructed it police to prevent such meetings, discussion and cases to be registered against organisers as well speakers.

The plebiscite call got momentum after arrested and jailed UNLF chief Rajkumar Meghen demanded plebiscite to start talks. Meghen also informed that if UNLF loses the plebiscite, they would renounce violence and come back to mainstream.

Manipur has distinction of having highest number of insurgent groups in North East India whose demands range from greater autonomy to sovereign Manipur Nation.

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