India dividing Manipur : RK Meghen, UNLF Chairman

Arrested and jailed UNLF Chairman RK Sanayaima has accused India of adopting divisive policy deliberately treating the different communities on different scales to breed hatred and animosity among the indigenous peoples of Manipur.
He was speaking to media persons at the Court complex of NIA Special Judge at Guwahati on 25th Augst 2011 when he was produced. “It’s time to work and make Manipur self-reliant instead of harping that NH 39 and NH 53 are our life lines”, Sanayaima asserted.

It may be mentioned that it is almost 25 days, Manipurs lifeline NH 53 is blocked by various demands.
Even though it is 64/65 years since Manipur was allegedly annexed to India, there is no sign of development in Manipur till date, Sanayaima added.

The elected representatives of Manipur have been working at the command and behest of the Government of India. This is the primary reason for Manipur’s sheer backwardness.

Whereas Loktak Project was taken up with the promise of lighting whole Manipur, the project has failed to deliver.
It has turned out to be a project which only forfeited livelihood of a large section Manipuri people, Sanayaima asserted.
People need to stand together and fight collectively against all attempts to forfeit’s livelihood as well as all conspiracies aimed at driving wedges between the indigenous communities.
Meanwhile, it is reported that the Government of India has instructed concerned officials to send three leaders of UNLF currently lodged in Guwahati central jail to Tihar Jail. This move was initiated two months back.

Source : E-PAO

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