Flood in Assam: Jonai and parts of Arunachal Pradesh still cut off

Recently, GaiNadi again breached both railway track and NH-52 in Dhemaji district of Assam. Though after cessation of rain, the flood situation has improved a bit, but both Jonai subdivision, the most backward area in Assam, as well as large area of Arunachal Pradesh like Pasighat etc. are still cut off from rest of the country and the world!

The authority yesterday restored the disrupted portion at Samarajan but it is yet to restore the breached NH-52 at Gai nadi in Dhemaji district.

It is sad to see some areas of India getting cut off regularly due to flood after 65 years of independence. It may me mentioned that, the Dhemaji/Jonai area is harsh mountainous terrain, but a plain area which gets good amount of rain and has numerous rivulets those carry rain water from hills of Arunachal Pradesh to Brahmaputra.

Flood in Assam: Using Railway track as bridge

Sources from Jonai subdivisional administration today said that regular supply of food items and other essential commodities to Jonai subdivision has come to a screeching halt.

Five SK oil-filled tankers supplied under PDS quota for Jonai subdivision have been stranded across the Gainadi, waiting for alternative measure for unloading.

Earlier too, on August 15 last, the subdivision and neighboring Arunachal districts remained cut off for 25 days that resulted in acute shortages of food and petroleum products.

Sources said, there was no adequate foodstuff stocked in Dhemaji FCI godowns. A part of PDS/TPDS items against Dhemaji and Jonai subdivisions for August have been lifted from Dibrugarh across the Brahmaputra through ferry routes. But a bulk of rice, sugar supplied under AAY and Mukhya Mantrir Anna Suraksha Yojna for this month is yet to be lifted.

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