Death toll in Sikkim Earthquake likely to go up significantly

The devastating earthquake on last Sunday evening on 18th September 2011, which rocked North East India and North India, is likely to be more devastating as rescue team have started reaching far flung cut off villages.

Recent report says that “at least five villages in north Sikkim have been obliterated. More disturbingly, the survey failed to detect any people in or around the area, raising fears of the quake toll going up significantly.” after Army could do an aerial survey as weather conditions improved.

The current death toll count has gone up more than 110. About 400 foreign tourists were also stranded in North Sikkim and efforts were underway to reach them, a Union Home Ministry official said.

NDRF(National Disaster Relief Force) has been working on to restore roads which were blocked by massive landslides after the earthquake and trying to reach remote villages.

As usual, in twitter and Facebook, people from North East India have been complaining about slow response to the rescue and relief operation by central government. Someone even questioning leaving of PM of India in this hour of tragedy in one of its state. Many people from North East India opine that, if such earthquake had occurred in mainland India, the response by government would be much faster.

News Source : Times of India

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