Candlelit March in Assam in support of Anna Hazare

A candlelit march was organised in Guwahati in support of Anna Hazare’s fast unto death demanding the enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill to tackle corruption. Ann Hazare als demands that 50 per cent representatives from civil society to be included in the joint committee that will draft the bill.

The LokPal bill, which is supposed to create an ombudsmen which will be able to prosecute politicians, bureaucrats against corruption charges, has not been enacted for last 42 years.

Recent expose of corruption in tunes of lacs of crores involving cabinet ministers, top industrialists have prompted civi societies in India to demand enact Lokpal bill and noted Gandhian Anna Hazare started his fast unto death on 5th April 2011.

It had got wide support from every one all around the country. In Assam too, KMSS ( Krishak Mukti Sangra, Samiti) which spearheads anti-corruption movement, had supported Anna Hazare and started hunger strike at Dispur Last Gate on Friday.

Candle Light march supporting Anna Hazare in Guwahati

Like KMSS, Save Guwahati Build Guwahati (SGBG), a Guwahati-based pressure group, also organized a protest meeting in support of Hazare’s movement, demanding the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill by the Union government. It appealed all the people of the state to stand united against the deep-rooted corruption prevalent in society.

More than 10 thousand people, students, all walks of life cutting across party lines, participated in the candle light march starting from Dighali Pukhuri, Panbazaar.

The candle light march was organised through Facebook, Twitter and SMS campaign.

The demand has been reportedly accepted by Indian government and Anna Hazare is likely to end his fast today.

One thought on “Candlelit March in Assam in support of Anna Hazare

  • September 17, 2014 at 10:17 am

    I congratulate our great laeder Anna Hazare for his perseverence and commitment to fight against corruption. It is a great victory. I would be happy, if Lokpal and Lokayukta are appointed as early as possible to stop this system. I, being from a remote villages of india and coming from poor tribal area have suffered enough of corruption from the government officers. Even today, it has not stopped. The poor, illiterate are the most and silent sufferers, as they are uneducated, have no voice to raise and to reachout the educated. Therefore, it is my humble request to start the function of both as early as possible. Leos Ekka


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