Bodo Organisations National Seminar on Smaller States in New Delhi

ABSU ( All Bodo Students Union) had organised a national seminar at Club of India on Tuesday, 6th December 2011 in New Delhi with the topic ‘Issues of separate States in India: Problems and perspectives’. Many prominent personalities took part in the seminar which included former Speaker P A Sangma, Rajya Sabha MP Bedabrata Biswas, Chavan Garg, Chandan Mitra, UG Brahma among others.

Leaders of various Bodo organisations have supported the creation of smaller states while noted journalist Kuldeep Nayyar was the lone voice to oppose creation of Bodoland in Assam.

This is an interesting step by Bodos of Assam which have taken initiatives to conduct such a seminar in New Delhi and tried to present their views to the world about creating smaller states. Presence of NDFB (P) leaders and their support for separate Bodoland is also an significant event.

It looks like, the Bodos have started mobilising support for creating smaller states which would help their cause of creation of Bodoland in Assam. This is an interesting strategy by the Bodos other wise which were known for calling Assam Bandh to demand separate state.

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