Assam Assembly Result Prediction heats up : Our Poll Result

Immediately after the last leg of polling ended in West Bengal, many news channel have come out with their Exit Poll results. In Assam too, depending on their leaning, both DY365 and NewsLive Channels have highlighted result favouring their parties. NewsLive TV had made it headline as well as breaking news “The CNN-IBN-The Week post-poll” which predicted clear and absolute winning by Congress with more than 71 seats.

While DY365 channel, supposed to be AGP supporter, is predicting close fight between AGP and Congress as per Star News exit poll. Assam Tribune had published all exit poll results. Result would be declared on 13th May 2011, Friday day after tomorrow.

We, at North East (India) Blog too conducted an online poll by the web visitors to this blog. As per visitor IPs who voted in the poll, only 10% of the total voters residing in Assam and out of this 10%, 70 % are based in Guwahati. So we expect, our poll result may not reflect the actual voting pattern in Assam at all!

But most probably, this result can be taken as how Netizens with interest in Assam would have wanted!

Our poll went online on 3rd February 2011 soon after poll dates were announced by Election commission. ANd we had posed two questions :

1. Who will form Next Government in Assam ? with options a. AGP + BJP Combine, b. Congress + BPF Combine, c. Congress Alone d. AGP + AUDF e. AGP Alone

2. Who will be King Maker in Next Assam Election 2011 ? with options a. BJP b. BPF, c. AUDF d. Ganashakti

For question 1 above, option a. AGP + BJP Combine got highest votes (59%), 127 Votes followed by Congress + BPF Combine (18%, 40 Votes).

For question 2, option a. BJP got highest votes (56%, 108 Votes) while option b. BPF got second highest votes (22%, 43 Votes).

The complete votes and result can be viewed here.

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