Amir Khan supports repeal of AFSPA : JPF Press Release

New Delhi, Ramlilla Ground, August 28, 2011 : Bollywood Actor Amir khan says “Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 should be repealed. I Support Irom Sharmila! I don’t think there is any provision in the Indian constitution to deny meeting with people in custody.”

The coordinator of Just Peace Foundation, Seram Rojesh in Delhi briefed Bollywood actor Armir Khan at Ramleela ground, New Delhi about the condition of Irom Sharmila who has been fasting in the last 10 years on 27/8/2011. She would be completed her fast for 11 years fast on coming 4 November, 2011. She is not allowed to meet people freely including her family members by imposing many procedures by the government. It takes many months to get clearance from government even to meet her.

In other part of India, even criminals are allowed to meet without any restriction. But in the case of Manipur, it was totally different. She has been put into isolation. I don’t think there is any provision in the Indian constitution to deny meeting with people in custody. We don’t know why government restricted her. She is fighting to repeal AFSPA -1958. Bollywood Actor Amir Khan responded that “it should not be done like that. I know about the AFSPA -1958. It has no place in the democratic society.

Amir khan was asked by JPF coordinator, Delhi, You had visited when Medha Patkar was fasting at Jantra Mantra in 2004 in Delhi. Now you have come here at Ramlila to support Anna Hazare for the cause. But why didn’t you ever visit to Irom Sharmila who has been fasting so long? She was fasting for almost 6 months in Delhi in 2006.Do you also belong to those people in India who thinks that she is not part of the society?

Amir khan: (thinking seriously) No! No! I will think about it. That is not the case. She is part of us. I don’t know whether my visit will help to her or not.

JPF: It will definitely help to her and for the cause.
Amir Khan : Let’s think in other ways I can do for Irom Sharmila. You can also tell me what I can do for her.

Swati (One member of the India Against Corruption) asks: why don’t you write something about her or you can also appeal to the people?
Amir Khan: Yes I will do.

JPF : How do you say on AFSPA?
Amir Khan : AFSPA should be repeal. I support Irom Sharmila!

Another film actor Raja Bundella says ” I know she has been fasting so long and people in this country does not extend support to her. It is sad. We should support her. I came to know about her in more details from one of the program broadcast by Times Now recently. AFSPA is like army rule. It should be repeal. What is the difference with this act that India is different from Pakistan, Afghanistan and China? Look, what is happening in Kashmir. It is really sad.

One of the famous film directors, Mr. Rajkumar Hirani also extended his concern to Irom Sharmila. He says “she would be living with painful life. I should definitely do something for her. I don’t know much about the cause she is fighting. Please send me through mail about the struggle she is fighting for. We will do definitely”.

Jan Sangharsh Morcha, a Civil society organization’s national spokesperson, Dinker kapoor also informed that the organization have also taken a decision to support Irom Sharmilla and her cause. Interacting with around 30 print and electronic media with JPF, after the closing program, they informed that they would also want to support to Irom Sharmila if there is any program organizes in Delhi.

Well known Sociologist, Dr. Yogendra Yadav said about Irom Sharmila that it was very sad that she remains unnoticed by the people in general. It was because of the insensitivity of the people in general in this country. This movement would definitely strengthen the movement for the cause Irom Sharmile is fighting for. It was very sad to think about the present status of her. AFSPA should be repealed. AFSPA is very much part of the movement for democracy in India. Social Activist Medha Patkar also informed to HPF that they would extend their support for the fight against AFSPA.

Seram Rojesh
New Delhi, Ramlilla Ground
28/ August/2011

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