ABSU renews demand for separate state: Threatens economic blockade

ABSU ( All Bodo Students Union), the powerful student organisation of the Bodos in Assam, which spearheaded agitation for separate Bodoland in the 1990s, has again renewed the demand as if taking cue from UP CM Mayawati’s recent proposal of division of UP into four smaller states!

The separate Bodoland had gained momentum after the Telenagana episode where union Minister had publicly announced that Telengana state would would created soon.

ABSU President Promod Boro had warned central government that separate Bodoland should be discussed in the forthcoming winter session in the parliament. He was addressing a mammoth crowd at Shlikhabari (Thelamara) at the concluding programme of cycle march demanding a separate Bodoland state that started from Srirampur gate on November 11 last.

He also threatened that if separate Bodoland demand is not met, they will create a Manipur-blockade-like situation in the entire northeast. It may be mentioned that, the main highway and railway connecting entire North East India pass through Bodo dominated Kokrajhar district in Assam.

ABSU’s separate state agitation had resulted in violent groups called BLT ( Bodoland Liberation Tigers) which started armed struggle but later conceded with autonomous districts in 2003. Hagrama Mahilari became chief of BTC areas.

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