9 students injured in police firing in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh

In a sad incident, nine students including one girl were injured apart from another civilian at Roing, Arunachal Pradesh yesterday late evening on 5th October 2011, according to reports by Dibang News. They were immediately rushed to Roing Hospital and later they were referred to Dibrugarh as conditions were critical.

According to one witness, police chased and fired at the group of students on the streets of Roing bazaar. The gun shots rattled the streets for almost ten minutes, said the witness.

“It was around 9.30 pm, when I heard the sound of gun shots. I rushed out of my shop and saw young boys running helplessly, some falling in the drain and on the road. They were chased by a group of paramilitary forces, who were taking aim at the boys with their assault rifles and firing.”

The bullet hit the left hand of the lone female student, Emime Mekola injured in the police firing.

Tenzing Linggi and Jabo Pulu, both studying humanities from Indira Gandhi College, Tezu had bullet pierced on their thigh and leg.

Three school students Rajen Umpey, Asati Linggi and Alo Meme sustained bullet injuries in their hand and head.

Source : Dibang News

This seems to be very sad incident on Durga Puja eve. It is not known yet what provoked the police firing at the students.

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