Woman from North East India gangraped in Delhi Again : Letter from a NE youth

As per recent news in Times Of India, a woman from India’s North Eastern state, Manipur, aged 30 years, was gang-raped by four drunken men near Dhaula Kuan and gangraped for over 40 minutes in a moving vehicle early on Wednesday morning. The woman was forced into the vehicle near Nanakpura gurdwara at 1.21am and found in a semi-conscious state in Mongolpuri Industrial Estate at 2am.

According to the police, the woman has been staying in the area for the past four years. She and her colleague, also from the northeast, had told the cab driver to drop them outside the gate of their colony at 1.15am.

While there have been numerous instances when rapists targeted women from North East India which are alleged to be racists in nature. It has been hotly discussed, debated topic in internet forums about women from North East India getting molested, raped in New Delhi majorly due to their Mongoloid looks.

Delhi has been quite unsafe for women from North East India and there has been a long list of incidents where North Eastern women have been victim of various sexual assaults.

We would like to post a letter written by Mayengbam Ranjit Luwang, who is an Architect by profession, and is deeply anguished by such repeated incidents of sexual assault on women from North East India :-


I am Mayengbam Ranjit Luwang from Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai working now as a senior architect with Indigo Design and Engineering Associates Pvt Ltd in Gurgaon.

Yesterday, a girl from Manipur working with a BPO was gangraped by 4 vulgar filthy animals. It deeply pains me to see such thing recurring. It happened many times earlier too. I would like to know from you who as a leader from our state represents us think of the situation and actions that need to be taken to stop or deter such beastly acts from these vulgar people.

I would like to point out the facts also that in media, workplaces, markets, metro and buses, we are hearing a lot of indecent (akampet) and vulgar meeteilon words from these perverted air making people. I think this is a direct assault on our culture and attempt to feminize and make our people as sex toys by majority mainland Indian population like it happen with the nepali girls. As a leader representing us, I hope you will look into these serious matters and take probable defensive actions like taking legal actions against these people to teach them a lesson that we are not vulgar and filthy like them.

These indecency and uses of vulgar meeteilon words in public and in normal circumstances, I think is unconstitutional and illegal. Hoping that you will look into these matters.

For our rights to live a life of dignity and equality, I and many others will willing join any political forum that can rectify our skewed environments. Hoping to hear from you.


Mayengbam Ranjit Luwang

The Email has been sent to many MPs, citizens, netizens from North East India. We wish to informt hat we share the anguish felt by Mr. Ranjit and wish to urge all representatives ( LokSabha MPs, Rajya Sabha Mps) from North East India should take up the matter and make it a national issue.

3 thoughts on “Woman from North East India gangraped in Delhi Again : Letter from a NE youth

  • November 26, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    We totally sympathise with the victim.The culprits should get exemplary punishment.The B.P.O should make sure that the drop at late hous in night should be compulsorily home drop .More over these B.P.O should take all precautionary measures for the safety of their employees.

  • February 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Delhi is full of crimes especially against women, many of my acquaintances and friends have been targets (fortunately nothing serious). And making it a news headline that women from NER are being singled out doesn’t seem to be appropriate.

  • October 19, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    We will not forgive them because they have harassed our northeast sisters.


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