Vishal Apologises to AASU : Admits donating with pleasure

Vishal Megamart met AASU ( All Assam Student Union) leaders and tendered written apology to them and the tussle between them came to logical end today. Vishal Megamart COO Manshu Tandon and their retail chain president Pawan Agarwal, also announced in their written statement that the Vishal outlet would remain closed throughout the State tomorrow, ‘as a mark of their goodwill and respect for the people of Assam.’

The Vishal authorities clarified that they have been contributing to the AASU ‘at their own pleasure.’ There has never been any demand. They also acknowledged the useful social activities of AASU for all sections of the people of Assam.

So, this should put rest to every speculation and accusation of ‘extortion’ by AASU for donation. Apart from tendering written apolology, They admitted that one of their officers conspired with a local political person to tap the telephonic conversation between Samujjal Bhattacharyya and their organisation, without the knowledge of the top management of the firm.

“Undoubtedly, it was an unethical act. We are extremely sorry for it. We realise that the publicity given about the telephonic conversation has hurt the self-respect and sentiments of the people of Assam. We admit that the behaviour and the conspiracy of our said officer in collusion with the local political person was an attempt to lower the honour and prestige of AASU. We sincerely apologize to the people of Assam and AASU. We assure that such unethical act will never be repeated,” said the Vishal authorities.

They also said that they agreed that ‘Vishal would undertake social activities, especially in the field of education, on the advice of AASU.’

In another causality of this tussle, the Asom Yuva Parishad (AYP), the youth wing of the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) has expelled its secretary Niren Deka from the organisation for his anti-AASU stand on the donation issue. The Parishad had earlier served a showcause notice on Deka giving him three day’s time for the reply. But Deka failed to respond to the showcause notice, said the Parishad in a press release here today.

It was really sad to see few people trying to tarnish image of a historic organisation AASU by labeling extortion charges.

One thought on “Vishal Apologises to AASU : Admits donating with pleasure

  • November 28, 2010 at 12:52 am

    I dont know how many people follow this blog but if anyone does then I want to pose a sincere question; is AASU a students organization or a nexus of unuseful hipocrats who could not otherwise prove their worthiness in the competitive world of post-student life and have serious political ambitions. We have seen in the past also, members of this students union occupy high political positions by utilising the ambitions of its student members. We have to ask ourselves..what is the role of AASU in the Socio-Economic development of Assam. Which companies they have invited to set up in the state? How many employments they have generated? NONE! ZERO! When a bunch of people are trying to portray Assam as an ideal investment destination these bunch of educated illiterates are trying to malign the image..ask yourselves…are’nt the people working in these concerns your brothers and sisters? Arn’t the college/university pass outs getting employment in these organization you are agitating against? You agitate agaist big dams, corruption and everything else. You all paralize the entire economy of the state by frequent bandhs, why dont you go out and catch hold of few NDFB cadres and hand them ove to police, why dont you work towards getting hold of people like Paresh Baruah…if your answer to these questions is ‘those are governments duty, then collecting donation is also Governments duty..the business establishments give tax to the Government and that in turn goes to the people…AASU-What good have you done to Assam?…as a students organization try to elevate the standards of Assams’ education level to the best in the world in all fields..then only speak of other things…


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