UNLF Chairman R K Meghen arrested from Bihar

Finally, the arrest of UNLF ( United National Liberation Front – a Meitei Insurgent Group) chairman Rajkumar Meghen has been announced. As per reports, he has been arrested from Motihari, Bihar though how and what circumstances, he has been arrested from Motihari, is not known or not in the news.

BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) had filed a report on 30th September 2010 that R K Meghen has been arrested in Dhaka by Indian spy agency RAW ( Research and Analysis Wing) and its Bangladesh counterpart. Soon after, UNLF had confirmed the arrest its chairman.

R K Meghen had been leading UNLF, the largest and powerful insurgent group of Manipur for last 35 years. He has been an wanted man since and his arrest is seen as a big success for Indian Defence forces.

R K Meghen has been in active discussion and mobilisation for unification for all insurgent groups in North East India which created huge discomfort in defence establishment. As they feared that such an united insurgent group would be exploited by China in creating unrest in North East India and it would have become international issue.

The family of R K Meghen had been petitioning to government of India asking about where about of him.

After regime change in Bangladesh, almost all top leaders of insurgent groups of North East India had disappeared from Bangladesh and later reported to be arrested by Indian security agencies in some city/towns in India.

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