Trade Body announces price increase of essential commodities in Assam

What can be called an interesting ‘phenomenon’ in Assam, one apex trade body has announced that prices of all essential commodities will shoot up by 10 percent with immediate effect.

The Kamrup Chamber of Commerce (KCC) said the wholesale prices of all essentials were expected to go up by another 10 percent with transportation costs shooting manifold.

“A Supreme Court order recently limited transportation of goods from 22 tonnes to 9 tonnes in a truck and this has led transportation costs to go up, and to overcome that the prices of essentials would have to be increased by at least 10 percent,” MP Jain, president of KCC, said.

Most probably, it may have been the first or unique incident where an apex commerce body announces increase of price with immediate effect citing a Supreme Court order. Understandably, opposition parties in Assam have demanded resignation of the government who fails to control price rise as well as allow an apex trade body to announce increase in price.

“It is a shame on the part of the State government not to have any control over prices of essentials. We want the government to quit if it cannot check price rise,” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Prasanta Phukan told IANS, as per Assam Tribune report.

Meanwhile, Assam Food and Supplies Minister Nazrul Islam said the government would not allow traders to hike prices. “We shall take tough measures in case traders on their own decide to regulate prices of essentials,” the minister told IANS.

Source : Assam Tribune

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