Top DHD leader arrested in Nepal

DHD(J) ( Dima Halom Daogah Jewel group) self styled Commander In Chief Niranjan Hojai has been arrested in Nepal, as per recent media reports. DHD(J) is also known as Black Widow group. Indian Police has already been able to arrest its chief Jewel Garlosa, its self styled chairman. DHD(J) operates in NC Hills autonomous district of Assam where Dimasa tribe is in majority.

Niranajan was arrested by Nepal police outside its capital city Kathmandu and was brought to New Delhi by NIA ( National Investigation Agency). It may be mentioned that, NIA is investing agency in India for all kind of terrorist activities.

Their investigation into insurgency in NC Hills district has opened the Pandora’s box as it unearthed the siphoning off of huge amounts of funds of the NC Hills Autonomous Council, which led to a hue and cry in the state and finally the Government was forced to entrust the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate into five cases of financial irregularities in the Autonomous Council. NIA, in its chargesheet, also suggested that the financial irregularities should be investigated by an agency like the CBI as it was not the mandate of the agency to investigate into such scams.

GUWAHATI, July 3 – The National Investigation Agency (NIA), after months of search, finally managed to arrest Niranjan Hojai, commander in chief of the DHD (J), commonly known as the Black Widow group as he was wanted in connection with the case relating to diversion of the funds of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council for procurement of weapons by the militant group.
Source : Assam Tribune

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