Separate Bodoland Demand picking up again

In an interesting development during ongoing two day Bodo National Convention being held in Bodofa Nagar in Kokrajhar, NDFB ( National Democratic Front of Bodoland) unveiled map of proposed Bodoland which comprises almost all areas of Northern bank of Brahmaputra.

Though two influential Bodo organisation ABSU ( All Bodo Student Union) as well as BPPF ( Bodoloand People Progressive Alliance) have abstained from the convention, every other Bodo organisation, 41 in total, attended the biggest convention of Bodos in order to unify Bodo tribes, the largest tribe in Assam with a long history in Assam.

Bodo National Convention in Kokrajhar constituted a new forum namely ‘Bodo National Conference for unified approach to the Bodo causes under the Presidency of Hagrama Mohilary, the Chief of the BTC. Three members as conveners have been inducted in the body. They are Gobinda Basumatary, the President of the BPF (Progressive), Anjali Daimary, President of the Bodo Justice Women Forum and Khampa Borgoyary, a prominent leader of the BTC.

It is being reported that, Bodo would now press for separate Bodoland, specially after declaration of creation of Telengana in the firs half of 2010. Even BPF leader Hagrama Mahilari, who is junior alliance partner in the ruling Congress Alliance government in Assam has supported the demand for separate Bodoland.

Hagrama Mahilari is chief of BTC ( Bodoland Territorial Council) which comprises four districts of Assam. But, chief minister Tarun Gogoi has ruled out formation of Bodoland at any cost while talking to reporters, according to PTI news.

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It is really interesting to note that, a party that is part of government supporting creating of separate Bodoland state in Assam. It would be interesting to watch how opposition leader Prafulla Kumar Mahanta react to this development.

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