North East Indian women face racial abuse in Delhi

Recent gang rape of woman from Manipur, North East Indian state, considered as sports powerhouse contributing many medals won by India at international level but never recognised, has brought the debate to table again, if people with Mongoloid looks from North East India face racial discrimination in ‘India’ or mainland India ?

Recent article in popular Indian English daily, Times of India says so, that NE girls battle racial slurs, feel like aliens. The article as well as its comments by Indians from all over the world makes it an interesting reading.

According to the article, during a group discussion organized by NGO Jagori as part of its `safe cities’ programme. The vulnerability of women from the northeast and the sexual harassment faced by them in Delhi has been catalogued in the international four-city study labelled “Learning from Women to Create Gender Inclusive Cities”, which was presented at the three-day international conference on safe cities for women in the capital that concluded on Wednesday. The study takes into account the vulnerability of women working in call centres in Delhi.

The Delhi chapter of the study has a section, `Place of origin’, highlighting that students and young women from the northeast states reported facing particular forms of discrimination. Young women reported being called names such as “chinki”, “momos”, “thukpas” and “noodles”.

Most probably, it is true and very sad that, almost everyone from North East India has had experienced some racial discrimination, taunt for their certain Mongoloid looks.

Though whenever there is some sexual abuse involving woman from North East India, the media is filled with stories of discrimination faced by people from North East India, but no concrete steps have been taken to address the problem. Most probably, India has only country in the world where a helpline has been set up in its capital city for its own citizens from particular area as they face discrimination which is racial in nature.

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