North East India : Ornamental Fish Capital in India

According to Director of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), North-east, SV Ngachan, North East India accounts for 82% of the total ornamental fish in India. With abundant water resources, The region has tremendous potential as far as ornamental fish production is concerned. All that is needed is better technology for the farmers to boost production, he opines.

Scientists say there are about 267 fish species belonging to 114 genera under 38 families and 10 orders found in the region and accounts for about 33 per cent of the country’s fresh water fishes. Assam has the largest number of fish species (217) followed by Arunachal Pradesh (167), Meghalaya (165), Tripura (134), Manipur (121), Nagaland (68), Mizoram (48) and Sikkim (29).

Incidentally, about 31 species of fishes found are endemic to the region. This, the ICAR director said, gives the region an edge over other places from the economic point of view.

Ngachan said, the region can claim patenting rights over the species and simultaneously make conservation efforts. “Top priority must be given to conserve these endemic species,” he said.

The flora and fauna of North East India is yet to be fully explored and this interesting fact that North East India, being home to 82% of total ornamental fish, may spread awareness of uniqueness of North East India in the eyes of the world.

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