NHPC can abandon Lower Subansiri Project : Report

According to Sentinel news paper in Assam, National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) executive director BR Saraf says that the hydel power project at Lower Subansiri can be abandoned or its possible adverse effects on downstream areas can be controlled if all the stakeholders, including the Assam Government, so desire.

He maintains that though more than 50 per cent of the work on the big dam has been completed, structural changes can still be made to the project with the help of advanced science and technology if such recommendations are made by the expert committee to be formed by the Centre.

“We are a Government of India undertaking and not a private company. If all the stakeholders in the project agree in the greater interest of the public that the project should be stopped, we will have no objection,” he added.

This is an welcome change from NHPC as previously its CMD had ruled out abandoning of LSHELP project citing 50% work completed. This flexible stand by NHPC is quite commendable and it should go down well with agitating organisation in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh against big dams in North East India.

4 thoughts on “NHPC can abandon Lower Subansiri Project : Report

  • December 15, 2010 at 1:53 am

    The Mega Dams are the only other avenue thriugh which the entire region can prosper together, the ‘student?’ leaders should understand this. War is being waged to control oil destinations of the world and we are throwing away the opportunity when we have abundance of power to develop the entire eight NE states.
    700 years of slavery have really destroyed our thinking abilities and the living examples are found in the NE region only. You cant mine Uranium, you cant have big dams, you cant have start cement factory, AIIDC cant have land in North guwahati.. Is there a lobby working to prevent industrialization and development of North East? Why are the business establishments targeted by the same group of people? Which is this lobby that is influencing disruption of work in companies like Assam Carbon? Why is this lobby causing situations where our brothers and sisters loose their jobs or worse dosnt find an avenue for jobs? Can our newly crowned leaders answer some of these problems or rather give some solutions to these questions? People of Assam and North East would wait.

  • December 15, 2010 at 11:29 am

    First about 700 years of slavery ? Not true for North East India, true only for rest of India. It happens when people like Jeet spends less time in school, more in spending their parent’s money earned by corruptions. Its hardly from 1826 to 1947, some 121 years.

    Does the people of NE need 168 dams as well as 70000MW plus power ? No, this kind of power is needed to illuminate building like Antila as well as shopping malls where Jeet and his ilk can spend their parents money eared from corruptions. Its just continuation of exploitation of resources from NE India by others which started with oil, tea timber and now water… now that oil is over, turning to water… people with slavish mentality as Jeet are gleefully willing to be exploited…

    8+ earth quake and seismic zone V : that is North East India, most probably you have no idea about 8+ value in Richer scale, thats more powerful than atom bomb, no structure can survive such earth quake and NE has two such earth quakes in last 100 years. And then you have no idea about them Jeet as you have got a slavish mentality kowtowing propaganda by big companies. You have no ability to learn facts and then think on your own.

    Do you have any idea abut gas cracker project way back in 1987 and what happened to those ?

  • December 17, 2010 at 2:17 am

    You have raised good points@Assamese. Surely ‘we didnt had 8+ RS earthquake here for the last 100 years’ and since we both cannot predict that in the next 100 years a earthquake of that magnitude will happen. Which definitly doesnt mean that we will wait for another 100 years for development to happen here. As of history is concerned, well you definitly know more than me coz I decline to live in history particularly given the fact that even our ancestors and the likes of Ahoms were enslaving the native tribals of this region for more than 1000 years.
    I was trying to find out what is an ‘Antilla’ and when I found it I firmly believe that we should have a few structures like that here in Assam. I mean if people in Bombay can make those kind of structures without fearing the Sunami that can strike any coastal area anytime then why cant we live without the fear of an event that doesnt even happens once in 100 years.

    We have to seriously ask ourselves whether we want to be a part of India or not? If we decide to be, than we have to be at par with other regions of the country while we head forward to become a global super power. If not then we will have to merge with either Bangladesh, China or Myanmar coz on our own with the kind of human resource and natural resources we have, we will definitly not survive this competitive world.

    I have no personal grudges against my fellow brothers and sisters but I would like to ask a sincere question, ‘how are we going to develop?’ If there is any alternative then we have a future if not, no matter how much we shout its not going to contribute towards the GDP or Per Capita Income.
    Its 2.30 am and I have to sleep now so that I can go and work tomorrow and try to contribute whatever small towards the development of my state, my Assam and our North East.

  • December 17, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Please ignore the typological errors in the previous post. Please read like this…
    You have raised good points@Assamese. Surely ‘we had two 8+ RS earthquakes here during the last 100 years’ but since we both cannot predict that in the next 100 years a earthquake of that magnitude will surely happen it definitly doesnt mean that we will wait for another 100 years for development to happen here….


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